Adam Fincik's blog on community engagement, involvement, and how to be a better hockey coach.


    Adam Fincik is the co-owner and Production Manager of Pittsburgh-area based AT&T Roofing and Construction. Since Adam helped create the company in 2015, he and the rest of the organization have committed themselves to providing both excellent work and excellent customer service – something the team's overwhelmingly positive reviews support.


    In addition to his career, Adam is also a father, hockey coach and a devoted member of his community. Living just outside of Pittsburgh himself, he has a deep passion for giving back to his community and the Pittsburgh area overall. To learn more about Fincik's community engagement efforts, visit his blog AdamFincik.org.




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  • Adam's Blogs

    Check out some of Adam Fincik's posts from elsewhere on the web, where he covers hockey, coaching, and community development and involvement around the Pittsburgh, PA area.

    Adam Fincik

    Traits Needed to Be a Hockey Coach

    Adam Fincik

    A blog by Adam about the traits that hockey coaches – particularly youth coaches – should possess if they hope to find success in the role.

    Adam Fincik community involvement

    Motivating Your Community to Take Action

    Adam Fincik

    Many would agree that your community – most any community – can stand to improve in some way. But how do you take thoughts and concerns, and turn them into motivation and action? Adam explores some of the ideas that go into community involvement.